A world of popularity contests.

We are definitely living in a world of popularity contests based on looks, instead of a world with basic human decency. How can Justin Trudeau be so popular in the polls when he has proved himself to be a liar.

The Liberals are just as power hungry as the Conservatives. Saying anything to get voters to vote for them and once in power they decide that the rules don’t apply to them.

Liberals have broken their promise on election reform, bill C-51, the environment, indigenous rights, veteran’s rights, and the list goes on. They are Conservatives in Liberal clothing, without the racism, misogyny and religious fanaticism of the right.

Why we keep ending up with the same two political parties in power (federally), over and over again, is because of the lack of electoral reform. Liberals and Conservatives don’t want to change to proportional representation in voting, because this way they can take turns f**king up Canadian citizens lives. While lining their pockets and their big business friends pockets with our tax dollars (in subsidies to to gas and oil).

After Justin has finished playing P.M. and the Conservatives are back in power we will be living in a world like the U.S,A. is living in today.